Meet the Team

Waterwheel has a dedicated team of specialists who work to ensure that you truly make the most of your community. Your Community Manager ensures that everything is kept running smoothly while your Lifestyle Director provides a special way for you to get to know your neighbors. Lifestyle is a term for the opportunity in a community to grow in relationships through shared experiences. Whether it is through a fitness class, community social, or a big holiday event, at Waterwheel we strive to provide programming that brings neighbors together for genuine connections. Let's get our feet wet!
Community Manager
Our Community Manager, Bethany Gray, works hard to bring the entire vision of Waterwheel to life. Bethany manages the daily administration and operation of the community; overseeing everything from keeping the grounds immaculate to negotiating a stellar rate for waste pickup. There is a lot to know about Waterwheel, so please feel free to reach out with any questions.
Lifestyle Director
Venus Agueros is Waterwheel's dedicated, on-site Lifestyle Director whose entire goal is to bring the community together through events, big and small. She uses past experiences to plan for the future and forge a bond between neighbors deeper than simply sharing a street address. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.