Meet the Team

Waterwheel has a dedicated team of specialists who work to ensure that you truly make the most of your community. Your Community Manager ensures that everything is kept running smoothly while your Lifestyle Director provides a special way for you to get to know your neighbors. Lifestyle is a term for the opportunity in a community to grow in relationships through shared experiences. Whether it is through a fitness class, community social, or a big holiday event, at Waterwheel we strive to provide programming that brings neighbors together for genuine connections. Let's get our feet wet!
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Community Manager
Key Responsibilities
  • Oversight of daily operations and staff
  • Primary management liaison to the Board of Directors
  • Oversight of annual operating and reserve budget
Venus Griffith
Lifestyle Director
Key Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the annual planning, scheduling, and implementation of lifestyle events
  • Primary contact for all community partners and sponsors
  • Primary contact for resident onboarding and Gathering Room Rentals
Fun Fact: I danced for 18 years before hanging up my shoes!
Juan Ortiz-Torres
Maintenance Associate
Key Responsibilities
Onsite maintenance for Clubhouse interior and exterior
Maintains the Clubhouse through daily custodial duties
Assists with Lifestyle Events and set-ups
Fun fact: My family and I enjoy traveling!