Document Library

Welcome to your Document Library! We hope that these resources will answer your questions about Waterwheel. If you still have questions, please reach out to your Management Team.

Governing Documents

       For owner to owner closings
       Explains everything that pertains to the outside modification of Waterwheel homes (amended in 2023)
       Defines the covenants, conditions, and restrictions of the community
       Provides the overall governance of the community
       Provides the By-Laws and Policies for the community
       Updates to the Community Manual to include the Facility Guidelines for the Clubhouse and rental policies
       Forming document for Waterwheel's Neighborhood Advisory Committee
       Updates to the Community Manual from the 2021 Texas Legislative Session
       Updates to the Community Manual on our holiday and fireworks policies
       Landscaping requirements applicable to homes in San Antonio's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction

Frequently Asked Questions

Please use this as a quick reference for common questions in Waterwheel. For full details, please refer to the Governing Documents.
How many pets can I have?
        You may have 4 pets in total, cats or dogs. Dogs must adhere to leash law. Outdoor cats must have a collar with a bell and identification tag. DAD Section 2.8 Animals-Household Pets.
Where can I store my trash bins?
        Trash containers and recycling bins may be stored in the garage or behind your fence, not visible from any street, alley, or adjacent residence. DAD Section 2.4 Trash Containers
Can I rent out my home?
        Yes! Provided the lease term is no less than six months. No short-term "VRBO or Air BNB;" no room rental; no garage enclosures. DAD Section 2.2 Rentals
Do I have to maintain my lawn?
       Lawn mowing and edging, tree and shrub pruning, watering, and such are all vital components of homeownership. DAD Section 2.9 Maintenance
What is the process if I want a satellite dish or antennae?
      A permitted antennae (one meter or less in diameter) may be installed where acceptable quality can be obtained and where least visible from the street. DAD Section 2.10 Antennae
Where can I store or park by boat, RV, trailer, work trucks, and the like?
     Such vehicles should be stored in your garage or behind your fence so it is not visible. DAD Section 2.5 Unsightly Articles; Vehicles
Can I shoot my gun or set off fireworks?
     For the safety of others, this is not permitted in the Development Area without advanced approval. DAD Section 2.7 Hazardous Activities
Can I run a business from my home?
      If your business has no employees, advertising or signs, is not open to the public, and is not hazardous, offensive, a nuisance, or a threat to community security, then you are welcome to operate your business from your home. DAD Section 2.1 Single Family Use Restrictions
Does EVERYTHING require approval?
     Thankfully, no. Pre-approved stain color, religious items on your door, flag poles affixed to home, political signs, and more are conditionally approved in the Governing Documents. Please read these carefully and contact your Community Manager if you have any questions.
What are my assessments used for?
     Assessments are what funds a Community Association budget so that it can function and increase your property value. View our Assessments 411 to learn exactly what assessments are used to fund. You may be surprised to learn that it covers far more than maintaining the clubhouse and pool!


      Guideline for appropriate interaction on Community Managed Social Media outlets
       Here you can find information handed out at all of our New Resident Orientations. If you are unable to make it to one of these, we invite you to look over the information and reach out to us with any questions. 
       Here is the form that must be filled out before confirmation of a rental of our Gathering Room Facility. Once this is filled out you can bring it to the Amenity Center during office hours or email it to our Lifestyle Director. 
      Fill out this form to create an official Waterwheel Club or Group and submit it to your Lifestyle Director for approval.